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Havana & Song Of Bernadette

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May 29, 2018#1

Found some information about these projects here!

HAVANA blends the sounds and rhythms of a mystical pre-Castro Cuba with a fable about family and the price one pays to keep it whole and safe. “An old man sits on a dusty street corner staring at a dilapidated building. He plucks at the strings of an ancient guitar, the sting of memory vibrating the air with each chord. His name is Antonio. And while the Great Storm of Fidel may have long settled, it’s impact lives in every molecule of air he raggedly breathes...” Havana tells the story of Antonio Garcia, his family and the terrible night”. The night of the irreversible incident at their supper club, Las Siete Perlas. An incident, that though monumental at the time, was lost in memory a year later as "The Great Storm", La Revolución, descended from the mountains and changed Cuba forever. 
The show begins amidst a scene of carefree worry and dancing at the effervescent club. Maria Elena enters and all action freezes. She is the spirit of Antonio’s deceased wife and she will be our guide to what really happened at the club that night and every event that led up to it. She stares at us and says, knowingly...almost mischievously... “Remember everything you’ve seen tonight. For what you’ve just witnessed is what time can do to moments as years drag on. Memory alters reality into a painting of our own creation. Stolen glances and quiet murmurings become soaring ballads dripping in romanticism. And our mistakes are swept into the corners so that we are no longer forced to face them. Carefully remember everything you’ve just seen...because none of it is true.”
Antonio Garcia, the patriarch and owner of Las Siete Perlas, fights to keep the club open despite two sons who are beginning to look beyond. His eldest, Rafael longs to leave Cuba for America and his dream of a career writing music. Antonio’s youngest, Chacho, though loyal to the club, begins to learn of the Rebels and the storm brewing in the mountains, and wonders if rebellion isn’t the best way to restore integrity to his country. With Latin romanticism and through the prism of what some call “magical realism”, we travel in time, before and after the incident, to uncover the lives of the people who would be forever affected by this night. And the river of fate that carried them there. 
Music by Grammy, Emmy, & Tony Award Nominee, Frank Wildhorn. Book by Academy Award Winner, Alex Dinelaris. Directed & Choreographed by Tony Award Nominee & Olivier Award Winner, Sergio Trujillo.
Based on the book by Franz Werfel, this show aspires to be an intimate play with music, told in the grand musical tradition, and woven together with an original score by Frank Wildhorn. SONG OF BERNADETTE focuses on strong relationships and rich characters, blending classic musical theatre with Mr. Wildhorn’s signature pop/musical theatre sensibilities. This classic story explores the life and world of Bernadette, living in the 1800’s provincial town of Lourdes, France. While collecting wood one day with her sister, an apparition appears to a young Bernadette, sparking a controversy that splits the village and ultimately the Catholic Church. Over the course of the story we discover the humanity behind Bernadette and how her unwavering faith births a miracle that gives her a voice she never knew she had.
Music by Grammy, Emmy, & Tony Award Nominee, Frank Wildhorn. Book by Rinne Groff. Lyrics by Robin Lerner.

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May 30, 2018#2

Good find!  Glad to see they have a production company attached to these titles :)

Also "Your Lie in April" is listed as one of Frank's.