Posted: 6:16 PM - Oct 28, 2011
Fantasma da Opera
Frank's Rudolf will open in South Korea in November 2012. The production will be presented by EMK Musical Company who also staged The Count of Monte Cristo

Not much info so far, but a tiny poster can be seen here

Posted: 5:00 AM - Oct 30, 2011
I really need to move over there. Get to see all of Frank's shows.

Posted: 2:29 AM - Feb 03, 2012

Posted: 2:22 AM - Nov 18, 2012
Fantasma da Opera
And according to this footage from Dress Rehearsal, it seems that in Korea "The Writing's on the Wall" has been replaced by "Fear and Desire". It's still a duett between Taaffe and Larish which is good. But the scene is staged as in the Vienna version was Mary's confrontation with Taaffe.
I loved the song in Hungary but not as a replacement of the 1st one. So...either they've eliminated Mary's meeting with the Prime-Minister and now is Larish who goes, or they've decided to re-stage the duel between Taaffe and Mary.

Posted: 9:12 PM - Sep 09, 2013
Highlights album from this production is available at SOM. ... &bnr=16517

Posted: 6:29 PM - Sep 11, 2013
Fantasma da Opera
Actually it's not really a highlights album.

Two actors recorded the love songs (and The Steps of Tomorrow, though not clear if it will have chorus). By the way, those 10 tracks were recorded twice, in Korean AND in Japanese, by the same people. YesAsia has both CDs cheaper than SoM ;)

Posted: 7:44 PM - Sep 11, 2013
Ok neat thanks.

Was hoping to find it elsewhere for less :)

Posted: 4:39 PM - Feb 23, 2014
I found a video of Oak Joo-hyun performing "Only Love" in concert (posted on

I couldn't find the Japanese version of this recording on YesAsia, though, only the Korean one. Does anyone know more about that?

Posted: 9:51 PM - Feb 23, 2014
Fantasma da Opera
The Japanese version is here. It's basically the same recording but sung in Japanese I think. I've only bought the Korean one so far, I'm waiting for Monte Cristo to have them both shipped at the same time.

Posted: 10:39 PM - Feb 26, 2014
Aha, yes. I missed that the first time around. Thanks!