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US Première and review

Fantasma da Opera
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May 11, 2016#1

BroadwayWorld has just posted their review of the show.

In it they go into some detail regarding the changes to the script. I don't know what the script used in the University workshop was as I only know the original Swiss version. Still here are the highlights:

- Prologue has been reworked. "The operatic feel has been thankfully tempered to be more consistent with the remainder of the show" they right.
Now, I'm not sure I actually would like this change. The Requiem-esque moments in the show are normally used in very crucial parts like the opening where Napoleon gives the letter to Dantes, the moment Villefort orders Dantes arrest, the moment Dantes escapes the prison and the moment Mondego is killed by Dantes.

- "Pretty lies" has been cut. This one I can truly support. The song never made any sense in the show anyway. It was way to Sondheim-esque and didn't actually give any depth to Valentine Villefort.

Otherwise they report the script to be "tighter, less confusing, and overall more appealing." which is good. We all know what is the major problem in Wildhorn's shows.

I highly doubt any Cast Recording will come out of the US première, even though Darren Ritchie stars in it as Mondego.

However I sign under the reviews closing sentiment:

"THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO is evolving and improving, and it is more than worthy of additional professional productions, a complete cast album, and a long future in theatrical licensing. It's bound to become another in the line of Wildhorn audience favorites."

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May 20, 2016#2

Yeah I agree on the changes (also with the exception to the Prologue changes). I've read some other encouraging reviews and here it's saying it's selling really well. ... y-20160517

Hopefully it does gets picked up elsewhere in the US. The score really is one of Frank's best.