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The Man Who Laughs 2018

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Apr 19, 2017#1

Found this!

Rough English translation:
The Man Who Laughs
Dea (Dea) She is a lover with a tragic fate with Gwyn Fleen and a beautiful soul who has an unseen disability from her youth but looks at the world in her own way.

Performance Scheduled for 2018
schedule Robert Johanson
a play Frank Wildhorn
written Jack Murphy
lyrics Robert Johanson

Victor Hugo's own masterpiece, "The Man Who Laughs," by Les Miserables, revives as a musical. The 'Smiley Man', with musical 'Matahari', 'Monte Cristo', 'Jekyll and Hyde' composer Frank Wildhorn, and musical 'Elizabeth', 'Rebecca', and 'Monte Cristo' director Robert Johansen, It is the second global creative project of EMK Musical Company, which recorded a huge success with Matahari.