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Takarazuka - The Passage to the Light

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Oct 05, 2017#1

It has been announced earlier that Frank Wildhorn will compose all of the music for Takarazuka's Snow Troupe performance "The Passage to the Light - Revolutionary Maximilien Robespierre", which will be the debut performance of Snow Troupe's new Top Stars Nozomi Fuuto and Maaya Kiho. This is
the second Takarazuka original musical composed by Frank Wildhorn since Never Say Goodbye in 2006.

Takarazuka's official production page in Japanese ... index.html

The production will run in Takarazuka Grand Theater in Osaka from 10 Nov to 15 Dec 2017 and in Tokyo Takarazuka Theater in Tokyo from 2 Jan 2018 to 11 Feb 2018.

The press conference of the production was held in Tokyo on 22 Sep 2017 which Frank also attended and three songs were performed at the press conference. If interested, you can check out the clips on the official Takarazuka page!~ ... movie.html

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Oct 24, 2017#2

Oh wow. Didn't see this one coming. Thanks for posting!