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Nan Knighton and Frank Wildhorn demo tracks

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Jul 09, 2016#1

Hello all,
I've been working with Nan Knighton to add a lot of demo tracks and trunk songs to her website. We've just posted a large batch... highlights from the "Storybook: The Lyrics of Nan Knighton" cabaret, and demo tracks from collaborations with Frank Wildhorn and Fred Werner.

The demos with Frank's music include: "Tell Me When", "Out of the Blue", "High Time", "If This Were A Gershwin Tune" and "At the Start of the Race". There are also several performances of songs from The Scarlet Pimpernel.

These can be found on the Storybook cabaret page and the Other Recordings page.

Remember that we also have demos from Camille Claudel and Rudolf available on the site. Check out the rest of the selections as well, all of which can be found on the site's Music page.