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Mata Hari - CD + DVD + Book

Fantasma da Opera
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Jun 10, 2016#1

So, good and bad news:

The good news is that Mata Hari is having a Cast Recording released! It will also bring a DVD with highlights and a book with a photo essay.

The bad news:

- Apparently the CD has only 6 tracks. You read right. SIX tracks. WTH?

- The DVD seems to be videoclips from it.

- Worse of all: it cost the RIDICULOUS price of 85€ (US$97)

This is all based on the available listing. SoundofMusic hasn't put the CD to order or pre-order.

But, to me, this is a rip off.
A CD with 6 tracks, an highlights DVD and some photos for 85 euros? No. Just no.

BUT if you're insane enough to want to be ripped off, you can buy it at YesAsia