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Bonnie & Clyde Songlist

Fantasma da Opera
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Nov 05, 2011#1

Here's the Broadway songlist...for now.

Act 1
"Picture show" - Young Bonnie & Clyde and adult Bonnie & Clyde
"This World will remember us" - Bonnie, Clyde
"You're going back to Jail" - Blanche, Buck, saloon ladies
"How about a dance?" - Bonnie
"When I drive" - Buck, Clyde
"God's arms are always open" - Preacher & Congregation
"You can do better than him" - Ted, Clyde
"You love who you love" - Bonnie, Blanche
"Raise a little Hell" - Clyde
"This World will remember us" - Bonnie, Clyde

Act 2
"Made in America" - Preacher, Ensemble
"Too late to turn back now" - Bonnie, Clyde
"That's what you call a dream" - Blanche
"What was always good enough" - Bonnie, Clyde
"Bonnie" - Clyde
"Raise a little Hell" (reprise) - Clyde, Buck, Ted
"Dying ain't so bad" - Bonnie
"God's arms are always open" (reprise) - Blanche, Preacher
"Picture show" (reprise) - Young Bonnie & Clyde
"Dying ain't so bad" (reprise) - Bonnie, Clyde

So, the "Dying ain't so bad" duet is the ending and they didn't changed the song.
I don't understand that much the order of these songs and I definitely don't know why on earth they cut "The long arm of the Law" and put "When I Drive" in the show but oh well...

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Nov 13, 2011#2

I agree that "When I Drive" should be cut. Not sure about "Long Arm of the Law," but I do think that they need to put that first sheriff scene back in either with or without the song. It helped to make the first act more suspenseful with the sheriff vowing to track the brothers down. I also really miss "This Never Happened Before." It was the best song in the show.

Frank tweeted that some changes would be in the show tonight (11/12). I can't wait to find out what they are.

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Nov 30, 2016#3

I am also agree with you.